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Embalm Mummy

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You always see the advertisement for a movie about mummies. Sometimes you'd like to post on social media about how some movies weren't able to share accurate information. However, you know that won't do much good and it'll only cause a stir. You might even get yourself some haters and that's totally not fun. So you just let this go while continuing your work with the mummies. You travel a lot to other countries too to study mummification. It turns out, there are numerous ways to make them. And you want to know as much as possible. But getting there means facing challenges. Some countries can't really speak your language so it takes a lot of gestures to get your message across. And sometimes, you send out messages you didn't wish to send. But you'll only know of it when you see the results.

Right now, you're in a location where it's quite hot and dry. And these conditions are great for searching for mummies. You may have already found some of them. But you're trying to find the rarest ones. And by doing so, you'll be subjecting yourself to more challenges. Play Embalm Mummy outdoor escape game by Ajaz Games.

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