Elf Room Escape Game

Elf Room Escape

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Find your way out of the house here which was filled with Santa's helpers. Elf Room Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Amgel Escape for more dose of escape fun with us everyday.

Santa's helpers are coded from blue, green, yellow and red, that makes them organized because there are a lot of them living at North pole. That day, Santa was again looking for an item for he had lost it and it's typical especially when he was scheduled to leave, that made one of the closest helpers of Santa to move and find that missing item of his. Blizz was one of the closest and loyal helpers of Santa which didn't have a color code, currently he was at the area where green coded elves are resting and he is just scanning the structures there for that missing item, but as he entered one of the houses of the green elves however, he came across a problem and it has nothing to do with that missing item.

Blizz was inside the room when he realized that he could no longer open the doors! He got pretty concerned then and it got a lot worst for the green elves who were currently in there too doesn't know what was going-on! Escape players, Blizz here needs to be out of there now for he still has a mission for Santa, care to join him and see if you can escape the room of some elves?

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