Elf House Escape Game

Elf House Escape

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Mr. Santa Claus has a lot of houses scattered all-over the world, a concentrated amount of this is very near North pole which is the area where Santa lives. Those houses are not all his however, for a lot of it belongs to his elf helpers and one can bet they have such crazy homes. The elves houses are just normal snow cabins and it has everything they need in there as well, but the crazy part is that mortals cannot just go in there, for there is a tendency that they'll never get out for the structures are imbued with magic!

Santa have equipped the place himself just in-case someone accidentally enters their houses and as unexpected as it can be, that day somebody actually did! That person was Irwin and he was just traveling through the remote icy paths in the continent when he found a house, for him there were signs of somebody inside, so he entered after he asked permission and when he did, he got trapped instantly! Looks like the magic of the place triggered, and he is lucky it's just trapping him in, now he needs to get himself out of there for he now has a bad feeling about this. Escape players, want to join Irwin here on this escape from a cabin which he has no idea who it even belongs to?

Elf House Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Selfdefiant.

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