Elf Garden Escape Game

Elf Garden Escape

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Everybody thought that you have an imaginary friend when in fact, it was the elf who you were talking to. You want to prove that elves are real so you went to their garden to gather some evidence. Your elf friend is cool with that but the other elves aren't. They feel like you invaded their privacy and thought that you'll sell them. This is not your motive but they won't buy your explanation. To prevent you from spreading news about them, they locked you in the elf garden. Not too long from now, they will turn you into an elf. You think that elves are great but you want to stay as a person. You asked help from your friend but he can't front. Because of this, he thought of another way to help you. He left clues around the garden that can help you to escape.

He also left items that you can use. Unfortunately, that is the only thing that he can do for you. He can't guide you all the way so you have to think of your own way to escape. Elf Garden Escape is the newest outdoor escape game from 365 Escape. Good luck and have fun!

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