Elf Escape Game

Elf Escape

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While looking at the Christmas decorations in the store, you can't help but stop and observe a lone elf. You feel like it's quite out of place. So you try to bring it with the other elves. You look at the location of the other decors and turn to the elf. But the elf isn't there anymore. You search the things on display for the elf. Then you see something moving behind the glass ball. You think you're just seeing things. But the elf is really catching it's breath. It's trying to hide from you and maybe even run away from you. You slowly come closer to it and whisper that you'll help him. The elf relaxes and let you pick him up. You placed him inside your shopping bag. After leaving the store, you talk to him on the bench.

He's telling you about his home in the forest. He wishes to take you there to thank you for your help. You accept the offer and follow him to the forest. He goes inside first and you wait for him to get out. However, the elf doesn't come out. So you start to look for the elf yourself. Play Elf Escape outdoor escape game by 8b Games.

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