Elephant Rescue Game

Elephant Rescue

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The forest houses some really weird things and as a person who had passed there many times before, Aaron knows this all too well and now he seems to have gotten used to it. Although the place is quite the scary one at times, Aaron just controls himself for the forest can sometimes be sentient, and if he shows signs of fear to it then it can play with him then. He had come to a situation like that before so he is not trying again. That day however, the sentient forest finally spoke to him for the very first time, and definitely that scared him a whole lot!

Aaron could not contain his fear then but he still heard what the forest is talking about. It is saying about a trap somewhere in the place and inside it was the place's enchanted elephant! It is trapped there and even though Aaron could not really maintain his focus here for this is all a bit too overwhelming to him, he still did what the forest had asked him, and that is to rescue the elephant before it's too late. Aaron here is still quite sane after going through that, well he thought he just went insane and heard things, but he understands what the forest is capable of, and this is not too farfetched. Escape players, you are now Aaron here and the task was already taken by him. Will you help him out with this and see if you can all get the elephant out from where it was trapped?

Elephant Rescue is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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