Electrician Escape

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The only electrician in the village here is very experienced now for he had been doing this job for years. It had been so long that he even memorizes everyone’s wiring there in their homes for he was the only handyman for that. Well he takes his time to teach and advise the villagers not to touch anything there except for him, for the current is direct from the source which was a dynamo powered by the kinetic force of the river and that means a shock can be intense.

That day, the electrician who was Manny was working in one of the houses of the place for it had been a long time since he visited this said place and he would like to check it just in case there is a brewing problem there which could cause a fire. But as he inspects however, he realized that another problem has popped-up and it had nothing to do with the wiring at all! In fact it didn’t involve electricity even, for he just got trapped in a room there for the doors would not open anymore! Manny tried to get out and called for help, but it seems that nobody can hear him, for if somebody had then they would have already come. Guess Manny will be doing this escape on his own then, but not completely though, for he has you escape players! Will you be able to help Manny the electrician here as he is trapped in the house he was inspecting?

Electrician Escape is the newest point and click house rescue escape game from Palani Games.

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Walkthrough video for Electrician Escape

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