Egyptian Museum Escape (Knf Games) Game

Egyptian Museum Escape (Knf Games)

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You're a writer in a magazine that features museums. While other writers find this project very boring, you find it very fascinating. You're really interested on how people gather the information and artifacts to be placed here. You also want to be a part of it. But your career turned to being a writer instead. You've been to a lot of museums and each one is such a pleasure to work on. Many stories unfold as you observe the things on display. Sometimes the things you see freak you out. Yet most of the time you can't help but be in awe. This project for featuring museums is far from being over. So your editor sends you out again to cover another museum. This time, it's an Egyptian Museum. Since the place is managed by Egyptians for a more authentic feel, communication is a bit hard.

There are employees who can speak good English. But you come at a time when they only speak their native language for their fellowmen. Then again, you can't cancel on today's appointment since your deadline is getting near. So instead, you ask them to tour you around while they speak. With this, their explanation will be easier to understand. However, the staffs leave you for a meeting. The objects here make you lose track of time. You call out to the staffs but all you can hear is an echo. Play Egyptian Museum Escape (Knf Games) room escape game by Knf Games.

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