Egyptian Mummy Fort Escape

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The Egyptian lands especially in the sandy parts are still filled with secrets hidden beneath it, people have tried their all just to find anything and most of the time they found nothing. Except for Fitzgerald that day, for he found a small fort which doesn’t look interesting at all but when he went through a hole going beneath the surface in it, he found something absolutely marvelous!

Fitzgerald found a secret temple and inside it was vast and filled with fixtures as well as statues which as it looks, must be from thousands of years ago. Fitzgerald needs a crew here now for who knows what treasures can still be found there and valuable data too, but first he needs to escape from there now for at the moment, he is currently lost in there. Fitzgerald made a wrong turn at some point and now he cannot navigate back out, but he must try and carefully too for he won’t be able to get out of there if he doesn’t of course. Escape players, Fitzgerald here wants to relay history and not become part of the history of this place, will you help him escape from the fort at the moment so he can show this place to the world?

Egyptian Mummy Fort Escape is the newest point and click ancient place escape game from WoW Escape.

Walkthrough video for Egyptian Mummy Fort Escape


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