Egypt Tutankhamun Gold Mask Escape

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The house here is keeping a precious item and it is very much an ancient treasure which must not fall into the wrong hands. That’s why Aaron comes there everyday for he checks that thing of its state and condition. Aaron knows not to expose it to air too and that’s why the door there in its room is airtight. But that day though, it seems that the thing got too airtight, for he could no longer open it!

Aaron have no idea what happened there, but he thought that something might be happening inside and that’s why he can’t get in. Like a thief trying to steal it! Now the treasure is definitely priceless, for it is a golden mask from Egypt and it belongs to a famous Egyptian Pharaoh. It had been taken from his tomb for analysis and now it seems that somebody is trying to analyze it for their gain! Escape players, that mask must definitely not fall into the wrong hands, for some history can be lost there if that thing is taken. Well it might not be the case here, for all he knows the doors just got jammed accidentally. Escape players, want to play as Aaron here and see if you can get him inside a room there where the mask is?

Egypt Tutankhamun Gold Mask Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for Egypt Tutankhamun Gold Mask Escape

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