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Egypt Escape

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For a unique experience you decided to stay in an Egypt-inspired house. You didn't really thought of anything when choosing the place. You just randomly looked at the pictures and chose the one that interested you. It appeared to have a lot to offer and you were wondering what wonders you would be able to find there. You immediately booked the place and counted the hours until you'd be able to enter it. You took the local transportation to make the experience more authentic. Upon arriving there, you could immediately see the things that set it apart from the other houses. You stepped inside and immediately felt like you were inside the tomb. However, instead of feeling scared, you felt challenged. You wanted something weird to happen so you could prove something to yourself and to other people. You wanted to prove that Egyptians were mystical.

The house had so many interesting stuffs that it made you explore the house more. There were lifelike statues and you felt like they would move in any minute. You already spent almost an hour inside and still wasn't able to find anything interesting until you lost your way inside. Play Egypt Escape room escape game by Top 10 New Games.

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