Eggs and Bacon Difference World Game

Eggs and Bacon Difference World

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It's really bad that when you were still a child, your family was wealthy. So wealthy that you had an own chef and maids. They gave everything to you and this is why you became so picky. You could choose whatever you wanted and change your mind whenever you wanted. Time has passed and the family's wealth ran off, but your characteristic stayed the same. I mean you still have money, but you have to rely on yourself sometime and you don't have servants anymore. There is a nice buffet next to your workplace and you always have your breakfast there. However, you always give some dish back and show them what kind of mistakes they made, so they're forced to give you a new one. Sometimes the dishes and mugs are dirty, or there's something in the food or coffee that shouldn't be there. Let's see what they give you this morning. Have fun!


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