Eel Fish Escape Game

Eel Fish Escape

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The underwater was unusually quiet and dull. You were a frequent visitor there. After becoming a fish for a few days, you got to know the creatures down there and the wonderful kingdom they lived in. If you didn't save the magical fish caught by the fisherman, you wouldn't be able to see their world. It was one peaceful afternoon. You were sitting by the edge of the river as you watched an old man fishing. He spent a lot of minutes in the water before finally catching one. However, you noticed that the fish he caught wasn't an ordinary fish. It had scales that glistened like jewelries. And its fins were very long. You enjoyed the scene for a few minutes before you noticed a number of fish gathered at the edge of the river. They asked you to help their fellow escape with a promise of more fish.

So you approached the old man with your own boat and tried to distract him. He was very focused with what he was doing that distracting him was such a challenge. But you finally freed the fish and the old man got more ordinary ones. Since then you always visit the kingdom below. But with the eel fish trapped, the life was slowly escaping the place. Eel Fish Escape is an outdoor escape game by NSR Games.

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