Ecstatic Lion King Escape

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There was this young lion in the village and instead of people living there being scared of it, they were even delighted to see the animal! That’s because it is joyful and is a friend of every animal there in the village. It even acts as a standard house cat and it’s absolutely fascinating. That day as the owner of the lion, Chester went-out to greet his lion and maybe give it a steak for a treat, but he had been trying to look for that animal though and unfortunately it was nowhere to be found! Chester immediately had bad vibes then for something like this doesn’t happen, he can’t think of anybody that would do this. Well fact is, nobody really did this for the animal was actually trapped somewhere and Chester have no idea where!

Chester here is determined to find his lion and he is even searching right-now, will you just help him so he can get that pet of his to safety? Well it won’t be easy though, for nobody really knows where it is so escape players, you’ll have to be ready for this potential rescue.

Ecstatic Lion King Escape is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Games 4 King.