Eco Apartment Room Escape Game

Eco Apartment Room Escape

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The apartment that Eric selected encourages people to place plants in their respective rooms and well Eric is a plant enthusiast and that makes him perfect for the place! And so Eric placed all the indoor plants he likes and was even innovative about it, Eric loved the end products of his work and things are now peaceful in his place, but that peace was disrupted by something though and Eric immediately felt doomed there for he is alone and he couldn't get help from anybody!

The doors in his room wouldn't open and it's weird for he was able to do it an hour ago and now he couldn't! Eric tried various things just to get his door to open but no ways he tried would work, that's why he is feeling doomed there and of course nobody can help him but you escape players! This time, a person needs help for he is trapped in his new apartment room which was definitely Eco friendly, but Eric is starting to think that the place is not at all user-friendly. Will you help him out so he can report this happening to the desk below?

Eco Apartment Room Escape is the newest point and click room escape game from Genie Fun Games.

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