Ebullient Girl Escape Game

Ebullient Girl Escape

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Try this rescue escape adventure here! Ebullient Girl Escape is the newest point and click game created by 8b Games for more fun with us daily. Best of luck!

Maverick and his girl were getting tired of their old apartment, noises would come from the other rooms and the foot traffic is really not that good in the place, that forced the couple to save-up with dedication to get their own place, that did not took long though and just a few months, they finally had that house they wanted in just a year. The place is located in the suburbs and they expected it to be peaceful, but still that would all depend, little did they both know however that there's going to be a problem when they arrive.

The couple finally got in their new home and Maverick's girl was so delighted that she entered the place quickly, roaming around the rooms and such, but as Maverick unpacks their things into their new home, he heard a cry for help upstairs and it definitely doesn't sound good. Escape players, Maverick here knows that it involves his girl and she could be in more trouble than he expects, place yourself on the situation on Maverick and find-out what's going-on. Good luck then, stay alert and have fun!


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