Ebrah First Room Escape

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Ebrah is your daughter. She’s been living in your bedroom since she was born. Now that she is older, she needs to have her first room. So as a surprise for her 10th birthday, you constructed a room for her. Her birthday is coming real soon but you are not yet finish with the room. Because of this, you have to work double time and even at night to finish her first room on time. The thing is, you are the only one who works at night. You also have to be very quiet because the noise might spoil the surprise. You always have to bear in mind that Ebrah is just in another room. So, you should not disturb anybody even if you can’t get out of the room. You can’t call her for help. Because of this, you have to find a way out by yourself.

Good thing that there are items inside the room that you can use to open the door. But despite all of these, you still have to use your logic to make your escape successful. Play Ebrah First Room Escape room escape game from Ebrah Games and do this for her. Best of luck!

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