Easy Escape Royal House Game

Easy Escape Royal House

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It's such a good morning. You woke up with the voice of the happy children playing outside the house. The sun shines so bright and you wish that you can join the kids outside. But because you are a royalty, you can't go out of the royal house to play like the normal kids. You can only play in the royal house with the knights and you are not cool with that. You want to play with real kids so you plan to escape. However, you can't escape just like that. Aside from the guards, there are also puzzles in this house that you need to solve before you can get out. On the good note, there are clues that can help you to solve the puzzles.

Not only that, there are also items in the room that you can use to complete your escape. You just have to use your logic to escape from the royal house quickly. You can't wait to play outside so you have to move fast. Easy Escape Royal House is a brand new room escape game by Games 2 Rule. Play this exciting point n' click escape game and try to escape as fast as you can. Good luck!

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