Easy Escape Forest Range

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Your work involved having to sit in front of the computer screen whole day. Even at home, you still face the screen when browsing through various sites for entertainment. Sometimes, your eyes would grow tired from staring at words and numbers. So you would stand up and go outside to breathe some fresh air and view a different scene. However, you weren’t always able to do this since work could easily pile up. Your remedy for this was to look for a picture of a forest and make it your wallpaper. This way, you could still at least rest your eyes a bit by looking at a green and refreshing scene. Then again, the more you looked at it, the more you wanted to visit it. And you did. You scheduled your weekend to visit the forest you always saw in your screen.

You arrived there and immediately felt the calm and relaxing vibes of the forest. It was just as you had imagined. You continued walking around some more to really take in the surroundings. But the cool soft breeze was slowly lulling you to sleep. It felt like hours had gone by before you woke up. You were ready to leave the forest but you forgot how. Play Easy Escape Forest Range outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule.