Eastern Forest Escape Game

Eastern Forest Escape

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This forest is too huge and you don't know which way to go. You don't have a choice but to follow your compass so this is what you did. Your compass brought you to this wonderful part of the forest. There are falls and rivers that you can enjoy. You thought that it would be nice to stay in this eastern part of the forest for awhile. But as the sun starts to go down, you know that you have move out. It is not safe to stay in the forest alone at night. The problem is, your compass broke. You don't know what happened but there is nothing you can do but to look for another way to escape. Thankfully, there are clues around the place that can help you to find the right path.

However, there are puzzles that will block your way out so you need to use your logic for those. On the good note, there are items that you can pick up along the way. Those things will help you to solve the puzzles so you don't have to worry too much. Eastern Forest Escape is the newest outdoor escape game by WoW Escape. Good luck!

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