Easter Suspense Game

Easter Suspense

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There was something you need to find in this house for Easter. What that thing was remained a mystery for you. You were just told to go to a house and search for something. You thought that something would be revealed to you once you were in the location. However, you went inside and just stood there. You didn't know what to do or where to start or what to find. You looked for a chair to think about the things you needed to do. While you were sitting and looking around, you found an interesting thing near you. You looked at it and held it against the light. The you found something inside the item. You looked closely at it and immediately had the idea on what to look for. You smirked as you thought of how clever the items were placed.

Although you already had the idea on what to look for, you still had to look hard for the things you needed to reveal its location. Some where placed in areas you least expected. Some should be paired with items you never thought would would fit together. Play Easter Suspense room escape game by Mirchigames and be ready with the surprise.

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