Easter Island Escape Game

Easter Island Escape

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Easter came and you wanted to celebrate it in Easter Island. It was an island that you could just see when looking out your window. For so many years you wanted to see what the island was like. The name Easter also made you wonder about it more. However, you just couldn't find someone who would want to go there. You bought a fairly powerful telescope to see how things were in the island. But all you could see was its form. You couldn't really see any details through it. This made your desire to go to the island stronger. After years of just wondering, you finally mustered your courage to explore the place even if you went there alone. Your friends heard about your trip and tried to discourage you. Yet you knew that letting them get to you wouldn't give you the answers you wanted.

So the next day, you hopped on a boat and took your first step on the island. It was beautifully peaceful there. You didn't feel any fear or apprehensions. Instead, you felt a sense of adventure coming your way as you continued walking around the place. The boat would return on the place where it was docked. The problem was, you forgot where it was. Play Easter Island Escape outdoor escape game by Big Escape Games.

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