Easter Holiday House Escape Game

Easter Holiday House Escape

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You once worked in a theme park and your friends always went to where you work for Easter celebration. They wanted to spend it with you. But since you were working, they just spend the day where you were. You couldn't really interact with them very well though. You needed to stick to your character and likewise greet other people as well especially the kids. It was like this every year until your schedule changed. You finally had some time to enjoy Easter outside the park. Your friends were thrilled when they heard the news. They planned to spend Easter at your place. However, you had too much people during this time of year already. And you wanted to experience some peace and quiet. So you looked for a house that you could rent where nobody around knew you. This would surely bring peace and quiet.

Then again, it brought you too much of the two. You decided to step outside and just enjoy people watching while appreciating your life. But as you tried to turn the knob, your door didn't budge. You tried to turn it the other way. Yet it still yielded the same result. You have to find another way out. Play Easter Holiday House Escape room escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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