Easter Fantasy Girl Escape Game

Easter Fantasy Girl Escape

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Everybody agrees that the Easter bunny's forest is not easy to venture into and that's why when Warren was asked to save a certain someone who was lost there, he scratched his head and blow a sigh, that's because he had been to the place before and it only brought him hardship and difficulty. He even barely made it out of there once and after that he never dared venture there, but sadly he was the last person who can rescue that person and that one was even a girl who doesn't know the forest at all. Well looks like a life is on his hands now and hopefully, the Easter bunny haven't found her yet for that guy can hide anything and if he decides so then one won't be able to find that girl anymore.

Escape players, Warren must go and venture into the illusion-filled forest and it's even the time when people are not allowed to enter there, that's because the illusions only lift when Easter comes and for the sake of the girl, the rescue cannot wait until Easter comes. Place yourself on the shoes of Warren here everyone, ready yourselves as we make this rescue successful.

Easter Fantasy Girl Escape is the newest point and click wilderness rescue escape game from Games 2 Rule.

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