Easter Escape 2018 Game

Easter Escape 2018

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Each one of you had your own set of keys to get in and out of the house. Most people only had keys to get in. But your parents made sure you would also need keys to get out. When you were younger, it was Easter when you sneaked out of the house. Your parents didn't give you any chocolates back then. They were trying to cut down on your sweets to make you healthier. But you didn't understand what they were doing. All you could think of was how bad they were for not giving you any sweets. So you thought of buying some yourself. You took the play money and some cards out of your little chest and head out the door. You knew where the convenient store was and you were very determined to buy yourself some sweets.

Your cousin came over to your house to play with you. But he saw you walking out on the streets already. He didn't know if he should follow you or call your parents. He decided to call your parents first. They all rushed out to get you. That was the history of the keys for your house. It's Easter once more but you still had a hard time getting out. Play Easter Escape 2018 room escape game by 8b Games.

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