Easter Eggs Escape

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A lot of mysterious things happens occasionally in the ancient temple nearby, but Bryan was asked to go there though for he is to find a hidden basket with Easter eggs there and among other stuff that’s in it too. Those Easter eggs are legit for they are from the Easter bunny himself and it’s absolutely more valuable than gold. That’s why Bryan must not only retrieve it from the ancient structures nearby, but he needs to find it wherever it is hidden and this must all be done in secret. That means Bryan must get it and leave quickly as soon as he gets it.

Bryan have not done something like this before, but his master told him to do something and he must obey. Escape players, Bryan might need a little help here for he doesn’t know what to expect yet, will your skills and logic be enough on this before he messes-up and ends-up in a real mess? Go ahead and give him a little help here then, it is to test your skills as well if those are enough for this challenge.

Easter Eggs Escape is another new point and click item retrieval escape game made by 365 Escape.

Walkthrough video for Easter Eggs Escape


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