Easter Egg Love Escape Game

Easter Egg Love Escape

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It's Easter once again and all of the Easter eggs which have been scattered by the Easter bunny which where sentient and moving around, are now moving around the forest! They are everywhere now and some of them have already even made partners as they try to hide themselves in the place before the egg hunt adventure starts. As a helper of the Easter bunny, Jack is observing the eggs just so he can get a record where they hide themselves as they go. He was always having fun as he does this job every year, and as always it ends well. But there was this one couple of eggs though that got in trouble as they try to find a place to hide, for the partner of this one egg just got trapped in something and now it cannot get out!

Luckily Jack was just there and he can begin in solving the problem soon, but the problem is though the thing that trapped the egg here is not really just a natural or a man-made thing, but it was something mystical! It was clearly the work of magic and from then Jack was on high alert. Jack needs to save this egg here first and then he can report this to his boss the Easter bunny for this is already his field. Escape players, Jack needs help here though in freeing the egg, will you help him even though he is right now hesitating?

Easter Egg Love Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game created by Games 2 Rule.

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