Easter Bunny Escape (KNF Games) Game

Easter Bunny Escape (KNF Games)

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After delivering the eggs, Easter Bunny decides to have fun. His place is full of Easter eggs that he chose as most beautiful in every place. Some of them he enlarges so he can stay inside. Likewise, he makes some modifications so he can make these his home. He also shares some with his bunny friends. But to make sure that they won't forget whose house is which, he customized his to have a lock. This lock is very special. He likes this lock very much as this design is from a blacksmith. Easter Bunny can sometimes hop carelessly and this blacksmith befriended him. Luckily, he stopped his paws before hitting the blacksmith. And as a remembrance of their short meeting, the blacksmith gave him a lock. This lock only opens when the owner wills it to. And Easter Bunny never let this lock out of his sight.

Today, he is making use of the same lock. He's quite tired and he wants to have a little rest. While checking his routes, you notice that he missed a place. The day is about to end and the kids are waiting for the egg. You want to wake him up but his lock needs a special key to open aside from his will. Play Easter Bunny Escape (KNF Games) outdoor escape game by Knf Games.

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