Easter Bunny Adventure Escape Game

Easter Bunny Adventure Escape

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It was your life long dream to meet the Easter bunny. You had only heard stories about him. But your friends always talked about their adventures with the bunny. However, you were one of the rarest children who couldn't see him. You believed in him but he still didn't show himself to you. You wondered what was wrong with you. So for all these years, you had been searching for the answer to your queries. Then you met a wizard on your way to the forest. You thought he was just an old person wearing some costumes. But when he spoke of the desire of your heart, you became a believer. He said he was looking for the bunny himself. He should be getting ready for the Easter at the moment. Yet he wasn't able to show himself to the headquarters. The wizard's eyes sparkled as he talked.

You were about to offer your help when you remembered you couldn't see him. It seemed like the wizard heard your thoughts. He assured you that the past wouldn't define the future. You smiled and offered your help to the wizard. He said he'd be waiting for the Easter bunny to be back for Easter. Play Easter Bunny Adventure Escape outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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