Eagle Forest Escape (Big Escape Games) Game

Eagle Forest Escape (Big Escape Games)

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Just when you thought things were getting worse and worse for the eagles, your friend called you over. She had been working with the eagles for the past five years. You knew about it but you thought she was just researching about them. There hadn't been many eagles in your area and it was saddening for you. However, you promised to do your part by donating to the cause. It was the least you could do since volunteering for the organization was quite impossible for you. You had a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders. And as much as you wanted to carry some weight of caring for the eagles, you just had to prioritize. Your priority was to save as much as you could to reach your target. After reaching it, you could then start giving something else to the organization.

Your friend gave you update about t he support you were giving. You expressed your sadness towards the news she was giving. However, she cut you off and told you to follow her instructions. You immediately went to her mentioned location and saw a number of eagles alive and healthy. You spent the entire time admiring them until you lost your way. Play Eagle Forest Escape (Big Escape Games) outdoor escape game by Big Escape Games.

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