Duplex House Escape (Daily Escape Games) Game

Duplex House Escape (Daily Escape Games)

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Your friend once lived in a duplex house while you live on a corner lot. Everything was going well between the two of you. It seemed like nothing can ever separate you. You went to different schools yet your bond was still strong. Sleep overs were a weekend treat. You didn't mind about the things you both have or don't have. But then, a new neighbor moved in. She was a sweet girl and she was all smiles especially when your parents were around. However, she changed every time you were alone. She would make up stories that would hurt your friendship. You tried so hard not to let it get to you. Then again, you really heard your friend talked about you behind your back. And it was the signal for the two of you to start living apart. You moved to a different city after.

You were walking one afternoon when you saw two houses that was like your and your friend's. It was a duplex and a corner lot as well. You already knew what it looked like inside a house in a corner lot but you wanted to reminisce the times inside a duplex one. So you went it only to be trapped with more than just memories. Play Duplex House Escape (Daily Escape Games) room escape game by Daily Escape Games.

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