Duplex Bungalow Escape Game

Duplex Bungalow Escape

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Armando finally received that duplex bungalow from his grandparents for they moved to a far away location where nature is more than the pollution from the city. Armando was very excited for he'll finally live in a luxurious place which he dreamed for in years, he was having a hard-time in purchasing a house and for a while he had been moving from apartment to apartment. Armando was now living in the place and he decorated it with his own designs, before he knows it he was living there now for a month and everything was good! But for the first-time something happened and it's far from good.

Armando just got trapped in the house for he could no longer open the doors! He doesn't know what's going-on but he swears he is very close to calling his grandparents on what's going-on, but he decided to solve this on his own for he also thought that this could be a first and his grandparents might not have an answer. Escape players, want to help Armando here with his problem in his new home before it gets worst?

Duplex Bungalow Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Fun Escape Games.

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