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Dungeon Way Out

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You've always seen yourself as a royalty. You believe there's something in your blood that makes you feel you belong somewhere else. Your parents are still working their jobs despite their age. And you're finding a hard time looking for a regular job yourself. You feel so bad for your parents but you know you can't stop them from working or you'll have nothing to live off on. So you always try your hardest to find the best paying part time jobs. You're coming home from one of your part time jobs when your friend invites you to a theme park. You really have no extra cash to spare but she's insisting. You haven't met her in a while and you agree with her. The theme park is buzzing. Many people are having the time of their lives. Then you see a sign from one of the attractions.

You immediately enter the structure that looks like a castle. They are doing a scary tour and they're needing another tour guide. You find this interesting and so the personnel let you familiarize the dungeons. But you slowly lost your way after you make one turn after the other. Play Dungeon Way Out room escape game by Genie Fun Games.

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