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Dungeon Cell Escape

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The kingdom is one powerful entity in these medieval times, its borders reaches far and wide and only a few would dare oppose the king who is at the center of it all in the grand castle. Of course the kingdom doesn't go without prisoners for when they convict one, those who were accused of heinous crimes against the people of the kingdom including the royal family, he or she will be placed in the dungeons either to be interrogated or rot! Anthony sadly belongs to the smaller rival kingdoms and that day, he plans to do something very dangerous and that is to seek for anyone of his peers in those dungeons and if one is present, the kingdom which he came from will negotiate.

After careful planning and execution, Anthony finally arrives in the dungeon and miraculously, without anybody knowing! Anthony found a few them but unfortunately, they were gone. This kingdom is definitely merciless, but for now he needs to escape and report this to his king, but well it isn't going to be easy though. Escape players, will you help Anthony here escape from this nasty dungeon and make it out hopefully without becoming one of the prisoners there?

Dungeon Cell Escape is a brand new point and click underground escape game from Fun Escape Games.

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