Duke Dogstorm Escape Game

Duke Dogstorm Escape

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Duke Dogstorm was your neighbor's new dog. They used to have a bigger dog but unfortunately it died. It took a few months to a year before they were able to finally adopt a new dog. Their new dog was smaller and more active. It didn't know you very well but it was always ready to play with you. And when you do play with it, it would do its best to climb on you and give you kisses. This wasn't a problem to you though. You liked receiving kisses from dogs. It was always fun for you to see their tails wagging and the silly faces they seem to be making. Duke Dogstorm just gave endless fun and energy. So when you neighbors asked you take care of him while they were on a trip, you couldn't say no. 

It seemed like the days went by fast and they were back home again. You were back to just visiting Duke Dogstorm when he was outside. Then while you were about to approach him, you saw a stranger picked him up. You thought it was someone the owners knew. But he was a complete stranger and you felt that the dog was in danger. Play Duke Dogstorm Escape room escape game by GelBold.

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