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Duckling Rescue

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Claude lives in the forest and every animal there is his friend, well not so much for the predators at least for they tend to chase him around. That day, Claude once again met his friend the mother duck which he named Webby, but it's weird though why he didn't see its five ducklings with it? Claude tried to look for them in the immediate area but unfortunately he couldn't, Claude started to worry for he knows that Webby is a rare duck in the area and there are pirates moving around the paths of the forest where they all live. That's why Claude checked in at one of their secret bases which he knows from a distance only.

Claude looked around and after a while, he confirmed that his suspicions were right! Modern pirates have taken all five of Webby's chicks and he knows very well that they will sell them to a high price. Poor Webby, but it's a good thing Claude is good at hunting, hiding, and infiltrating, for he is going to take those chicks back without getting detected. Escape players, Claude is going to do something dangerous here, will you help him out so that his rescue attempt will be an even sure success?

Duckling Rescue is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by 8B Games and Games 2 Mad.

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