Druid Forest Escape (365 Escape) Game

Druid Forest Escape (365 Escape)

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The sacred land of the druids is a secret place located deep in the forest and that area should not be ventured into. Why though? Well for obvious reasons and there is a strong chance that the said area is enchanted to a point that even non-believers would get affected of whatever they put there, and for all everyone knows that place could still be inhabited by the druids, well some places should just be left undisturbed. Niccolo however has confidence with his skills and knowledge of the druids can repel a lot of things from them. He thinks he knows what to do and actually he does, but those will only be tested in the time that he'll find the place, and as luck was with him he actually did!

Niccolo quickly tried everything so he won't get affected by the curse there, none unfortunately worked after a lot of effort in trying, and now he is lost in the place. This is definitely not good, and the fact that he didn't see any druids there means worst for he knows they are on to him. So much for traveling far just to meet this fate now, and at the moment he really wants to leave. Luckily, Niccolo knows of one possible way he can escape, and that is to find a talisman somewhere there which he can then use on an ancient stone carving on the floor that he saw earlier. But getting that talisman now is going to be close to impossible, he doesn't even know where it is or if there is even one present in the area. There has to be, so will you help Niccolo here escape players before the druids show themselves?

Druid Forest Escape is a new wilderness escape game developed by 365 Escape.

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