Drowning Boy Rescue

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Niel went outside the cabin where he was staying for his vacation just to have a nature moment first thing in the morning, just when he set-foot out of the room however, he immediately saw the river which was just beside the place and there was a boy there thrashing, and he seems to be drowning! Niel quickly decided to rescue the boy, but the problem was he can’t swim.

This is definitely a crisis now for he really wanted to save the kid’s life, but if he goes into the water then there is a likely chance he will be needing help as well. He needs to think fast here and the first thing he sees that can help must be the first he’ll do, anything just to save that kid’s life. Escape players, Niel is going to rescue that boy in any way necessary, but as he looks at his face though he saw that the kid’s reaction wasn’t really concern and struggling for life, but seems to be angry. What a weird expression, but that’s the least of Niel’s concern here for he must rescue him now. Escape players, want to help Niel on the rescue before it’s too late?

Drowning Boy Rescue is a brand new point and click water rescue escape game released by Games 2 Escape.