Dropped Chateau Restaurant Escape Game

Dropped Chateau Restaurant Escape

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Dropped Chateau Restaurant Escape is another new point and click big restaurant escape game made by Ekey Games. Good luck as you try your luck escaping from an old place.

The luxurious manor was once forgotten and dilapidated, well after that sudden and massive but light renovation of the place, the manor turned from a private and slightly ruined mansion, into a beautiful restaurant which has the motif of old Victorian times. The place is open every weekends and is also allowing royal balls as well as different receptions everyday, that's why seven days a week, Raymond goes to the place just a few hours a day to check everything and do a little clean-up for the visitors as well as the fancy diners who will come-by in the weekends. But that day however, something happened and it's one weird day spending there indeed.

Raymond is almost familiar of the place but he can somehow now say in a way that he knows the house like its the back of his hand, but that he will prove though for he realized that he got trapped in the huge restaurant for the doors would not mysteriously open! Escape players, Raymond is really dumbfounded for it seems that the house is against him, will he figure-out what's going-on and escape from the place? Go ahead then and have fun with us daily!

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