Driving Instructor Escape

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Check-out this rescue adventure here everyone! Driving Instructor Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games for more dose of fun with us daily.

The driving instructor who was Oscar’s friend was on a tight schedule that day and he knows it, but when Oliver looked at his phone that day, he expected his friend to pick him up for his car got broke-down and they have already talked about it the night prior for his vehicle was far from being fixed. But well Oscar received a message that his friend was trapped in his room mysteriously and he could no longer get himself out! Upon reading the message, Oscar got a bit confused why he was trapped, but then again he needs to be in his friend’s now or he’ll be late on his job.

After a few minutes of driving to his friend’s yellow house, he discovered that his friend was indeed trapped and is in-need of help! How did he ever got trapped anyways? Will Oscar be able to get his friend out from the room where he is trapped before he gets late or gets hurt in trying to escape? Place yourself on Oscar’s situation here then escape players, rescue his friend who was a driving instructor and quickly. Good luck everyone!

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