Dreary Dungeon Escape Game

Dreary Dungeon Escape

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Bruno was soundly sleeping at the guardhouse for as a guard working at the now being preserved castle, his bosses are trying to avoid looting of the place for there are ancient artifacts in there now which had just been recently discovered. He was already dreaming and that's not good, for it is his job to guard the place and now he is asleep? And soundly even? He is definitely going to get fired when his bosses catches wind of this, in his dream he remembered that fact and that was enough to jolt him back to the real world. But weirdly though he was not in the guardhouse anymore but in the castle!

What in the world? He pondered. He remembered sleeping in the guardhouse and also he thought how could he be in the castle? For it is locked and not even him can enter there? Maybe one of his bosses planted this on him so he won't sleep on the job next-time? Probably, but right-now he needs to escape for he is suppose to be guarding outside not inside. Escape players, Bruno is in the dungeons of the castle and he is locked-in there, that makes it even more confusing to him how got there and concerning too but will you help Bruno out so nobody would find-out at least what happened to him?

Dreary Dungeon Escape is the newest point and click ancient place escape game created by Selfdefiant.

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