Dreamy Tiki Forest Escape Game

Dreamy Tiki Forest Escape

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Check-out this creepy forest escape here everyone. Dreamy Tiki Forest Escape is the newest point and click wilderness escape game from Games 2 Rule for more dose of fun with us!

Karen really thought in her mind that it would be easy to navigate through the forest filled with Tiki masks, but as she went there so she can prove it to her friends that the old stories are nonsense, she realized it were otherwise and she found it the hard way. The island where Karen went on a vacation to is very lush and it's enough to be called a paradise, one of the highlights of the place were thee Tiki masks scattered in the forest, it's said that the ancestors of the island placed it there to protect the place, a lot of people have gotten lost in there through the decades and were never found, almost all of them had a reputation of being too overconfident. Unfortunately, that was Karen's attitude as well and she wanted to prove it to her friends that the stories are just stories, but it didn't go well for her though and it's worst for she really went to the place with it.

Escape players, Karen of course got lost in the Tiki forest and her main concern then is when the place gets dark! Care to join in and see if you can all escape as well from the place before it gets dark? Go ahead then, good luck and have fun!

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