Dreamy Beach House Escape Game

Dreamy Beach House Escape

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Nobody has ever built a luxurious house in the coastal area yet, for they thought it's not at all good to do so and not to mention the risk of getting caught by a storm surge is always present. Well that didn't stop Cory though for he really still constructed his modern and luxurious house there and just under 2 years, the place was now finished and he now even lives in it. So far there hasn't been any issue, well there is one though and that's the delivery guy not being able to find his house for he is really far from any residential area, pretty minor thing. But one day however, when Cory was just sitting on his living-room watching the waves outside, he got caught into some pretty serious problem.

Cory remembered to collect his swimming stuff on his porch but then when he tried his doors, he could not open them! Cory was frustrated that it wouldn't budge, so he tried the back and he found-out that it too wouldn't as well! Cory is starting to get confused with the problem there, but he thought this is his home and any problem no matter how weird he must try to take a look into such and fix it. Escape players, place yourself on Cory's shoes here and see if you can solve such a problem with your skills and logic.

Dreamy Beach House Escape is brand new point and click indoor escape game released by Fun Escape Games.

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