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Dreamsville Escape
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The villa finally had a very luxurious place for the richest of people and because Roy had been waiting for that, he quickly called a broker to give him a tour in the place. Roy looked around the various living-rooms in the place and it just indulges his senses, he had been wanting such even from before when he was young and now he thought he had already worked hard to get where he was and helped people, now this is kind of his treat to himself. Roy scanned every room in the place and that just pushed him even more to decide in purchasing the house, but that indulging of his however will have another side and that really made his feelings turn a hundred and eighty degrees!

The broker left Roy for a bit in the place to give him a feel and help him decide, he'll just call her when he made a final decision. But then when he was about to leave the place and give his final verdict, he realized that the doors in the place would no longer open! Roy thought did the broker locked him in? But he trusted her and she would never do that. Maybe this is a scheme to something really big, or it could just be an accident? Either way, Roy must escape right now before his worst fears becomes real so escape players, will you help him and have a fun escape adventure yourself?

Dreamsville Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Fun Escape Games.

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