Dream Land Beach Escape Game

Dream Land Beach Escape

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Come and experience this escape from a beautiful coastal area. Dream Land Beach Escape is the newest point and click outdoors escape game from WoW Escape. Have fun!

Alex had long since dreamed of going to a paradise-like land which was in the form of a beautiful beach, well that day his dreams got finally realized for he had amassed enough money to get him there, now he is experiencing that peace and tranquility in a place with pretty low population. The beach was great and he even decided to circle the small island where the resort is and he is going to do that by the coast, well that's not such a good idea unfortunately, for that got him pretty lost in the area and now, he could no longer find his way back!

He really doesn't want to get caught in this trouble here before the sun sets and finding help is absolutely scarce thanks to the area's low population, but he'll just have to work his way through it though for there's definitely a chance he'll be able to get back as long as he is careful through the terrain. Escape players, the beach is nice and relaxing, but what would you do if you're faced with a situation such as Alex's? Come and try this then and good luck!

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