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Dream House Escape

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Finally, Ruth is starting to check some houses filled with style and were definitely luxurious. She has budget now and it was definitely enough to buy a new house. But she is having a little difficulty though for all the houses in the neighborhood she looked into were all great, she is just waiting for one to be a real perfect fit for her. One by one, Ruth selects houses and she just passes them for those were missing something and she doesn't really know what, that's until she finally found her dream house.

Ruth had found her perfect house and as she looks in the rooms, she is pushed even more to really get the place. But when she was about to decide of her pick, something mysterious happened and the resulting thing is she could no longer get out of the place! The doors were locked now and no matter how she tried, she just couldn't open them! Ruth called for the broker who was with her but he was nowhere in sight. Did he bail-out on her or something? That's totally unethical and because this place is luxurious and expensive, their broker was not suppose to do this. But where was he? Ruth needs to escape from there then so she can get some answers what's happening here. Escape players, want to help-out so that Ruth can escape?

Dream House Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from 365 Escape.

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  1. Date: February 9, 2021
    Author: dewed
    They always double instead of adding half. 90 plus 45 is 135. Not 180 [Reply]

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