Dream of History Game

Dream of History

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Assume in this game you are a relatively successful lawyer who had been working hard for months when one day you come across a windfall. You were sitting in your office when suddenly your phone rang. It was one of your clients who offered you his journey to the ancient world of the Aztec. The reason of his proposal was a serious illness which tormented him one week before the departure too and he wanted not to waste this vacation. You gladly accepted it in exchange of your services if it was necessary for him and on the following week you landed with your aeroplane on this magical land. Your first journey led you to a pyramid which was supposedly their sacred place in the past. You glanced an advertisement in the brochure which was about a game. You had to find out how they pictured their god in order to win a one week long vacation in a nearby hotel for free. Let's try to solve this game yourself. Good luck!



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