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Dream Garden

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You always dreamed of visiting a garden in a foreign country. You saw it on one of the vlogs of your favorite vlogger. The garden enchanted him. And you couldn't take your eyes off of it as well. It was after the holidays but the lights were still on the plants. It looked amazing in the morning but when the lights come on at night, it was simply magical. Then the vlogger added his own song as the background and it gave you so much feels. You ended up playing the video again and again trying to imagine what it would have felt like being in that garden on a cold wintry night. However, your imagination broke off. Your mom commanded you to be in your room and go to sleep already. It was a Sunday night and you had to be up very early.

So you did as you were told. But your mind just couldn't let go of the wonderful view you saw. You closed your eyes and imagined yourself being there with the same song playing in the background. Suddenly, you felt something gently falling on you. You opened your eyes to see some leaves falling and the beautiful garden around you. Play Dream Garden outdoor escape game by 365 Escape.

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