Dream Garden Escape

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Ever since you were little it’s your dream to own a garden. Your mother really likes buying home style magazines and you always end up staring at the gardens. Sometimes, you even day dream about them. And you’ll picture yourself walking there, breathing the fresh air, and hearing the sweet sounds of nature. But then the honking vehicles outside wakes you up and you have to face reality once more. Your house is mostly concrete so the garden of your dreams can’t be done here. Yet you can’t give up on it. So you take multiple part time jobs to raise funds for your garden. You usually wake up very early in the morning and then stay up till late at night. This continues for two months until your body asks for a break. Without meaning to, sometimes you fall asleep during the day.

And this day is no exception. You’re still in your cycle but your body really wants you to listen. So while you’re listening in your meeting, your eyes feel so heavy and you start drooping your head. You just look up when you hear the booming voice of your boss, but you easily fall asleep again and you dream of your garden. However, instead of a sweet dream, it turns into a quite challenging one. Play Dream Garden Escape outdoor escape game by Mirchigames and escape.