Drainage System Game

Drainage System

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Try this escape adventure here from below ground. Drainage System is a brand new point and click tunnels escape game released by First Escape Games. Have Fun everyone!

The sewers where Jimmy lives is one of the most safest in the country, there are guide-lights down there and it's on all the time just in case an incident occurs and illumination is vital in the place. Well no sewers are that safe though, there are times that it is really and Jimmy was very lucky it wasn't when something happened to him there suddenly! Jimmy was just walking along the streets one day when he somehow had a mysterious feeling, probably his stomach? He was too focused on it and when he made his next step, he realized he was now falling!

Jimmy just fell in the sewers for what he can recall, there was an uncovered manhole along the way! My that's pretty careless, now he is in the place and he couldn't get himself out. Luckily he wasn't badly injured and up to thar point, there is nothing else he can do but to find the way out quickly. The sewers, even though it had been there since the medieval times, Jimmy could not just ignore how much of the place got renovated, for when he looks at the walls the fixtures there looks pretty new. Well that's not the concern now and he must escape before rain comes and this place will be flooded. Escape players, join Jimmy here with us and try your best to escape out of the sewers. Good luck!

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